Have YOU Been Naughty?…Or Nice?

Santa Claus – Alleged Jolly Old Man

While traveling back to Colorado from Helsinki in mid-December several years ago, I was reading the Finnair in-flight magazine. Flipping through the pages of celebrations of ice and snow – for which Finland is famous – I came across a great idea that I thought I would share, even though it’s going to be nearing 70º today.

It turns out that Rovaniemi (don’t worry, I couldn’t pronounce it either), Finland, is just above the Arctic Circle, where Santa Claus JUST HAPPENS to have his workshop. For 364 days a year, it’s a busy town…but on that one special day, it’s a full-court press to out-do FedEx, UPS and the US Postal Service combined. One jolly, old man with eight reindeer and Rudolph sets off across 24 times zones in a sleigh. We’ve had a lot of busy months with closings, but doing them all over the world in the same day is even more than we can handle – maybe it’s the reindeer!

But in that magazine, we saw that there was a company that helps Santa manage all his letters. And for €7.75 (or about $10.00), you can have a personally written letter addressed specifically customized for your child and mailed from the ACTUAL Santa’s Workshop in the North Pole (Rovaniemi, Finland).

Well, back in 2004 when I first came across this, I did this for my 4-year-old daughter…and the look of surprise and joy she got was priceless…a letter we opened and read with her on Christmas Eve. Needless to say, she put out a few more cookies and made sure Santa’s milk was fresh and cold. She told us, “Just like he likes it at North Pole.” Oh, and she insisted we leave some reindeer biscuits out too! (We improvised…we never owned reindeer.)

So, we wanted to share this novel idea with you: An actual letter sent from the North Pole in Finland, from Santa’s Workshop.

Go to http://www.SantaGreeting.net for more details.

As we enter December, we wish to express OUR thanks to you for your business and support during our first year. We wish love, peace and joy for you, your loved ones and everyone who is a part of your world.

Holiday Greetings!

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