Aren’t you glad you live in Pueblo? We are. At least we aren’t destroyed in just about every nuclear movie like our neighbors to the north…

Why does Hollywood HATE Denver? We hear they’re nice. Really.

Okay. They are fanatics about the Broncos. They bleed Orange like us…their sunsets are Orange too, like ours! And apparently their altitude leaves politicians breathless…but they’re really nice. That’s no reason to be hatin’ on the “303” at 5280’ !!!

So, why is it that Denver seems to be the center of these “End of Days” movies/TV shows?!!?

Don’t believe me? Let me count ‘em down:

1. Jericho – TV show – Denver is wiped out…in the FIRST EPISODE!!!!

2. Red Dawn – Movie – Powers Booth tells Leah Thompson that “Denver has a 2m starving people”

3. Waterworld – You may not realize that Kevin Costner’s “Aqua-Man” character dives for fresh dirt with Jean Tripplehorn into the submerged Denver skyline (where you can see our signature “Cash Register Building” – The Wells Fargo Center ). Not a piece of dirt to be seen anywhere…but Denver is right there on screen. Perhaps, it’s the first Hollywood movie talking about Denver’s underwater mortgages…(okay, I hear the groans).

4. Atomic Train – TV Movie – Denver (along with Rob Lowe’s career) is wiped out by a runaway train with an atomic weapon

5. Broken Arrow – Movie – John Travolta apparently puts a missile on the rails to…you guessed, it…Denver

6. Last Resort – TV Show – The rogue nuclear-armed, nuclear sub…named USS Colorado…not quite Denver…but it might as well be!!!!

7. Under Siege 2 – Movie – Terrorists board a train from Denver and it becomes the center of intrigue surrounding a satellite attempting to wreak world havoc; it also happens to cause Steven Segal to have a massive eating disorder years later. Well, the 2nd part isn’t true…but I am surprised we aren’t getting blame for that too!!!

8. Sum of All Fears – Book – Denver is blown up by an atomic bomb during the Super Bowl; at least Ben Affleck only blew up Baltimore in the movie. I guess people figured Denver and the Super Bowl don’t belong together since Elway retired, eh?

9. Hunger Games – Book/Movie – Denver is alluded to be the Capitol in the games –

10. War Games – Colorado Springs / NORAD is the focal point (I know it’s a bit of stretch, but Denver gets wiped out in one of the graphics during the war exercises as the computer learns from tic-tac-toe).

11. Stargate – Isn’t that based in Denver or NORAD?

12. Judge Dredd – Wasn’t Denver wiped out, but prisoners were transported to the “Aspen Penal Colony”? Talk about a down real estate market!!!

13. Sleeper (Woody Allen) – I don’t recall where it was set, but it was filmed here at our famous Sleeper house after the world had radically changed! .

14. Secretariat – Ok…not a nuke movie destroying Denver….Just checking to make sure you were still reading.

So, given all this, maybe it’s time to give up selling real estate in Denver! Even though their market is looking up, its long-term prospects apparently suck!!!

We think it’s just another reason to live in Pueblo! If you are, we’re here to help!