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I was perusing some homes for some clients the other day…and it struck me. And when I mention this, it will likely strike you every day for the next week, too.

Why do REALTORS® take pictures of the toilets…AND THEN POST THEM IN THE MLS?!?!?!  And I bet you that the pics of #2 show up as early as listing picture #4 or #5…at least it did in my search…out of 10-15 photos.

Now, I can see taking pictures of the luxurious bath or the incredible, deep, classic, claw-foot tub, or the restful retreat that pertains to the tub or steam / glass block walk-in shower. However, 9 times out of 10 in this search…and I bet in yours, too, the porcelain bowl is prominently featured SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE with nothing notable around it, except for the dated shower curtain.  Really?  This is the best photo you could take…or POST?!?!?

At the risk of being slightly direct: Who wants to view the actual toilet on the internet?  Maybe the deep, luxurious tub, surrounded by candles and open, contemplative spaces (or a fireplace).  But who thinks the toilet sells the home?

And think about it: The toilet itself – that unlike a stove – is a fixture that one doesn’t view when in use (unlike other fixtures in the home). And the view most likely seen is of the opposing wall — which is never featured.  Now, if there was an embedded HD TV in that wall opposite, then ya’ got me right where I live…but I think that is likely not the case in those 9 out of 10 toilet pics.

So, why do we do that, fellow REALTORS®?

Please…no more pictures of porcelain.  Or just give me the listing, I have a good camera…and I am sure I can come up with more appropriate pics.

It’s silliness like this that gets us into #2…pun intended…

Realtors Who Think They’re #1, Taking Pictures of #2